Photos: Stéphane Perche, 2016.


"On the second floor of the Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette, two dancers move on poles fixed amongst spars, concrete beams and scaffolding. Their silhouettes are reflected on the bright glass windows – fluid and agile shadows performing choreographed gestures and poses. Co-directed by Frédéric Lebain and Grégoire Pédron, the sixth "Mutant Stage" film gives life to the construction site located 9 rue du Plâtre, revealing its dark, metallic and graphic beauty."

Frédéric Lebain & Grégoire Pédron


Amélie Couillaud and Dimitri Chamblas initiate and produce films in collaboration with artists from various fields, particularly from the field of choreography. Wishing for each film to be a performance, they develop projects that displace dance’s usual spaces and bring together multiple partners, not just at the conception stage, but also during production and distribution. 


Frédéric Lebain, photographer and director, and Grégoire Pédron, co-director and editor, have been collaborating for years for commercial and fashion films (Hermès, Lacoste, Faliero Sarti, John Galliano...) in a handcrafted and off-the-wall spirit.


Manuela Carneiro starts pole-dancing in 2007 as a self taught woman, and is rapidely distinguishing herself: in 2008 she finishes second of the European Championship, then she wins the 3rd price at the European Pole Dance Championship 2010 in the Champion of Champion category, and the 5th price of Pole Art 2011, one of the most prestigious competitions in this field. The same year, as well as in 2013, she is the French runner- up. She works worldwide and collaborates with artists as eclectic as Florence Foresti, Bruno Marignan, or Joseph Bouglione. She’s got the lead role in the Diagram Of The Heart’s music video Dead Famous. She participates in several TV documentaries about pole dance. In 2014, she launches her own agency, In da house, dedicated to pole dance creation and teaching.


Keem S Martinez studies dance at Conservatoire national de danse d'Avignon and integrates its Junior Ballet. A few years later, he participates in several musicals and then becomes a member of the Pal Frenak dance company. He discovers pole dance in 2006 and starts competition. He becomes the French Champion in 2008 and 2014, and the World Champion en 2012. Il stops competition in 2014 et bescomes a coach ad artistic director for performances and visual shows.


"Mutant Stage" is a series of choreographed short films produced by Lafayette Anticipation – Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette during the renovation of its building between 2015 to 2017. Five films have already been produced; they were directed respectively by Wendy Morgan, Elen Usdin, Benjamin Millepied, Olga Dukhovnaya & Konstantin Lipatov, and Louise Hémon with dancers such as Amalia Alba, Florence Casanave, Lisa Miramond, Annabelle Pirlot, Jung-Ae Kim, Volmir Cordeiro, Pauline Simon, Alix Eynoudi and Matthieu Barbin.

Throughout the renovation conducted by OMA and Rem Koolhaas, and until the public opening of the Fondation in 2017, the building at 9 rue du Plâtre will be the object of an investigation into its own mutation as the evolving architecture is measured over the months by in situ encounters of directors and performers. Initiated by the Fondation with the curators Amélie Couillaud and Dimitri Chamblas, each shoot is the opportunity for a different encounter that sets bodies and matter into motion, animating the changing building. "Mutant Stage" is in conjunction with a program of emerging performance scenes in contemporary dance by Lafayette Anticipation.

Thus "Mutant Stage" pulses both within the building and beyond into the centre of the city. The title of the project is inspired by a Rem Koolhaas expression that encapsulates the essence of Lafayette Anticipation’s building performative architecture and the commitment of the institution to the hybridisation of art and life. Each film in the collection, shaped by the visual vocabulary of dance, cinema and architecture, is a singular object, existing in multiple fields at once. In this way, 9 rue du Plâtre remains a space for invitation and experimentation, a building in motion. 

A series curated and produced by Amélie Couillaud et Dimitri Chamblas

A film series by Lafayette Anticipation – Fondation d'entreprise Galeries Lafayette
Shot on location as part of its building renovation project.

Mutant Stage 6
A film by Frédéric Lebain and Grégoire Pédron, with Manuela Carneiro and Keem S-Martinez

Director of photography:
Sylvestre Dedise
Harry Arnaud
Editing and post-production:
Grégoire Pédron
Céline Guillerm
Tony Regazzoni
Caroline Chaspoul and Eduardo Henriquez

Production Casoar + Fondation d’entreprises Galeries Lafayette

Fondation Galeries Lafayette wishes to thank: OMA, Data, Citynove, Artelia

Acknowledgments: Florence Bourgès-Maunoury, Barbara Soyer, Valérie et Jean

Mutant Stage 5, "Cavern", by Louise Hémon with Alix Eynoudi and Matthieu Barbin

🎞 Mutant Stage 4, Korovod, by Olga Dukhovnaya et Konstantin Lipatov, with Amalia Alba, Florence Casanave, Olga Dukhovnaya, Lisa Miramond, Annabelle Pirlot

🎞 Mutant Stage 3, by and with Benjamin Millepied

🎞 Mutant Stage 2, by Elen Usdin with Jung-Ae Kim

🎞 Mutant Stage 1, by Wendy Morgan with Volmir Cordeiro and Pauline Simon