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Born in 1981, Oliver Laric lives and works in Berlin, Germany. His work researches new technologies for production, reproduction and distribution. His sculptures, installations and web projects examine the productive potential of the copy and the remix, as well as their significance in the creation of new visual cultures.    

Invited by Lafayette Anticipation to complete a production residency in 2015, Olivier Laric used his time in Paris to study various sculptural reproduction techniques anticipating 3D scanning technology. He sheds light on photosculpture, a little-known system invented and patented by engineer François de Willème in 1860 making it possible to create a highly realistic sculpture in under two days.

Laric also explored various plaster casting techniques, visiting and scanning numerous statues and reliefs belonging to the collections of the Musée Carnavalet, the Musée Guimet and the Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine.

For "Faisons de l’inconnu un allié", the artist will present a large scale photograph gathering the results of his work in the different Parisian museums.

The artist places his equipment, his manpower and the high-definition image of the sculpture at the museum’s disposal, in exchange for which he is allowed to use the data to create his own versions of the sculptures by means of casting or 3D printing, or even to complete http://threedscans.com/ where the scans are made freely available to the public. This website, just like the artworks realised by the artist out of this raw material, shuns all temporal, dimensional or formal hierarchies, creating seamless relationships between works serving purposes of commemoration, propaganda and education.

In addition to promoting the democratisation and circulation of cultural materials, Laric’s web intervention encourages their reuse and redistribution, far from the fields of art and heritage by amateurs, artists and other open- source enthusiasts.


Joining Forces with the Unknown exhibit location:
16 rue Debelleyme (previously Weber Métaux store)
75003 Paris

Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM
Every day from October 11 - 23, 2016

Free entry.