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Born in 1982, Simon Fujiwara is an artist and architect by training. At the intersection of performance theatre and installation art, his script-like work is based in part on his life and the study of history. Simon Fujiwara plays several roles simultaneously in his theoretical fictions: artist, author, anthropologist, screen writer, etc.    

During Joining Forces with the Unknown Lafayette Anticipation will present a film and installation stemming from Fujiwara’s New Pompidou project (2014). New Pompidou is the fruit of one of Lafayette Anticipation’s first production residencies, for which the artist turned the ground floor of the Fondation’s future building into a research office and plaster workshop. Over a period of six weeks, Fujiwara developed and produced a piece to be presented at the Centre Pompidou in the context of the Nouveau festival.

New Pompidou revives the rumour that Pontus Hulten, the first director of the Centre Pompidou, wanted to create a replica of the museum. Part sculpture, part performance and part film, New Pompidou mixes fiction, autobiography, poetry, technology and fundamental knowledge. The film « New Pompidou » retraces the creative and production processes of a plaster sculpture, molded after a gerberette, a steel piece integrated in the Centre Pompidou’s structure. Fujiwara uses this unusual piece as a sarcophagus for a personal story which combines the history of the Marais, an architecture student’s frustrated aspirations and a rose stolen from the Georges, a restaurant on the museum’s rooftop.

The imminent resurrection of « New Pompidou » celebrates the death of a Paris that no longer exists, of dispersed knowledge, a story of the past, and a disappearing love… This petite mort is carried in procession on Valentine’s Day evening, and it is precisely this event's performative quality that fuels the film. 


Joining Forces with the Unknown exhibit location:
16 rue Debelleyme (previously Weber Métaux store)
75003 Paris

Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM
Every day from October 11 - 23, 2016

Free entry.