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studio brynjar & veronika

Veronika Sedlmair (1985) and Brynjar Sigurðarson (1986) form together a German-Icelandic studio, currently based in Berlin, Germany. Since 2011, the studio has created a body of work driven by theatrical and natural references. Their practice often relates to anthropology and geology. They use various media such as drawings, photography, video, sound and objects. Their foremost goal is to observe and investigate cultural values and translate them into objects.

For Faisons de l’inconnu un allié, Studio Brynjar & Veronika will present its new production The Circle Flute, a circular flute played by four flutists for one listener at a time standing in the centre. The circle has a diametre of 2.5m and consists of four interconnected c-flutes that are linked to each other by tube connectors.

Immersed within and inspired by Iceland’s atmosphere, flutists Michael Schmid, Bjornar Habbestadt, Marieke Franssen, Bettina Berger and composer Þráinn Hjálmarsson explored the flute’s potential during a ten-day in-situ workshop. The outcome will be performed regularly throughout the exhibition.

The artists worked closely with renowned Parisian flute maker Jean-Yves Roosen and flutist Michael Schmid. This constellation and mechanism allow the flutists to achieve new sonic dimensions with complex overtones, interferences, whisper tones and air sounds.


Joining Forces with the Unknown exhibit location:
16 rue Debelleyme (previously Weber Métaux store)
75003 Paris

Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM
Every day from October 11 - 23, 2016

Free entry.